Are e-cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?


Those who smoke cigarettes and are looking to quit must seriously consider switching to the much safer alternative of vaping, i.e., nicotine e-cigarettes. Vape devices generate vapor from the e-liquid inside, making them a cleaner option to get the same nicotine rush as users would from cigarettes

But how does this happen?

E-liquids, unlike regular cigarettes, do not leave a residue such as tar in your lungs. A layer of tar is formed around the lungs when tobacco from cigarettes is inhaled. This chemical can severely damage the lungs and may result in fatal illnesses such as lung cancer or emphysema. Another harmful chemical from cigarettes includes carbon monoxide and it can be very dangerous for the heart. It can tighten the arteries, cause irregular heart rhythm, and can significantly raise blood pressure.

All these factors are known to often result in strokes and heart attacks, shedding light on how injurious smoking really is for the health. However, this does not mean that a user needs to be a chain smoker for these effects to occur, even casual smoking can be enough to damage the heart and lungs beyond repair.

Unlike smoking, the use of nicotine e-cigarettes, or vapes, does not produce these harmful chemicals. There is no tar or carbon dioxide generated while using a vape, definitely making it much safer than the use of cigarettes. It fulfills a user’s nicotine cravings, all while mitigating the risks of all the diseases mentioned above.

Effect on others

Are e-cigarettes safer for those around users? One of the most detrimental effects of smoking, and possibly even worse than the harm done to the smoker is the risk that others are put at. The effects of passive smoking are very real, and indeed, very dangerous. Imagine having to pay the price for someone else’s actions, all because of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Second-hand smoking can cause chronic breathing problems and can lead to asthma in the long run, specifically in babies and children. Users who expose others to secondhand smoking must be aware that the result of smoking a couple of cigarettes can be way worse than they imagine- somewhat like letting someone else take the fall for someone else’s crime. It is also a massive nuisance to others. However, all these factors can be avoided by switching to vaping. 

Not to mention the toxic effects of smoking on the environment. With there already being such large amounts of air pollution, the last thing the planet needs is the population further contributing to the pollution-especially when there is a much safer alternative to smoking. Thus, while fulfilling nicotine cravings, it is crucial for users to consider the safety of those around them, as well as the negative effects on the environment; both of which are cared for when users switch from smoking to vaping.


Nicotine control

Another benefit of choosing nicotine e-cigarettes over normal cigarettes is that users can limit their intake of nicotine. While choosing e-liquids, users can select the concentration of nicotine that they believe to be appropriate for them and use that in their devices. Users appreciate this as it gives them numerous options to choose from, which can be specifically helpful if they are looking to completely cut off their nicotine intake in the near future. This cannot be achieved with cigarettes as users cannot pick the concentration of nicotine, making it impossible to wean off without reducing the number of cigarettes smoked. 

Additionally, regular cigarettes, unlike nicotine e-cigarettes, can encourage users to consume more tobacco and nicotine than they would have otherwise liked as there is no way of controlling how much a user inhales once the cigarette has been lit. It will either need to be smoked, or thrown away, which often forces individuals to smoke an entire cigarette; thus, resulting in greater chemicals and toxins entering their bodies. 

There is a reason why people switch to vaping in order to stop smoking and not the other way round- vaping is seen as a much safer, and milder alternative, and those who are still contemplating the switch need to make it as soon as possible! 


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