Here’s Why E-Cigarettes Have Become More Popular Than Ever

Smoking cigarettes is a thing of the past, and vapes are here to stay for good. It doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but smokers would undoubtedly have laughed at anyone who claimed that e-cigarettes would be the technology for the future of cigarettes. Well, it definitely happened, and there are no signs of it going back. 

The evolution of nicotine sources.

Smoking has been completely revolutionized, with newer and trendier models of e-cigarettes being launched on a daily basis, and with time there will be additional technological advancements. Nonetheless, the popular e-cigarettes we see today have been on a journey of their own, and it is a journey worth looking back on. Starting with the cig-a-likes in the early 2000s, these devices resembled cigarettes but had a short battery life and very limited flavor options. Next came different versions of what was referred to as vape pens, followed by the larger, vape mods that gave users more personalization and bigger vape clouds! The vapes that are currently popular are known as vape pods or pod mods, and they either come prefilled or are refillable. The prefilled vape pods, also known as disposable vapes are gaining the most popularity with a plethora of e juice flavors that users can pick from. 

But, what has made them so popular?

Now that we have covered the evolution of e-cigarettes, let’s take a look at why they have become more popular than ever. There are far too many reasons for their popularity, including their affordability, choice of flavors, accessibility, and progressing trends. A big reason for their demand is because they are used by smokers as an alternative to cigarettes. They are seen to be much safer than cigarettes while delivering the same nicotine rush. E-cigarettes do not contain tar and carbon monoxide- which are thought to be the two most harmful chemicals in cigarettes that can result in fatal illnesses like cancer. Additionally, unlike regular cigarettes, those around e-cigarette users are not put at any risk of inhaling second-hand smoke. There is also displeasure for those sitting around vape users, as there is no generation of smoke that can irritate the eyes and throat. E-cigarettes are also cheaper than constantly purchasing packets of cigarettes, giving users the opportunity to puff away without being worried about putting a dent in their pockets. Overall, e-cigarettes have become popular amongst smokers as they provide perks that regular cigarettes do not… and, of course, vape clouds!

The intended use of e-cigarettes was to give smokers a safer option to get their dose of nicotine; however, now, they have gained the attention of far more than just smokers. The world of vaping is filled with thrilling and fantastic experiences which do not require individuals to be smokers to explore and enjoy. E-cigarettes present users with exciting opportunities to get a nicotine rush in the smoothest, coolest way possible. They are so simple to use and convenient to carry, especially with disposable e-cigarettes requiring no form of e juice bottles for users to take with them wherever they go. Due to being compact and lightweight, these e-cigarettes can fit into a bag or purse and can even be carried around in a shirt or pant pocket!

Furthermore, e-cigarettes are available in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, making them stylish and fashionable to carry around, especially since you can make them match your outfit! Because they are so discreet, users can pull out their devices even when they are indoors and take a quick hit without anyone noticing… don’t blame us if you get caught, though.

As discussed, there are far too many perks of e-cigarettes, that just continue to grow. The future looks bright for nicotine-lovers as we have just begun using the e-cigarettes of the next era. It’s a terrific age to be a vaper, thanks to the compact devices, improved efficiency, rich flavor, longer battery life, and individualized vaping experiences that can be accessed so easily. It is as simple as finding vape shops online where you can easily purchase a single e-cigarettes or then in bulk. All you need to do is just open the box and start hitting your device to get the buzz of your dreams!

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