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Is Vaping More Economical Than Smoking?

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Yes, it definitely is, and we aren’t just talking about the medical expenses you will be saving up on. Although smoking can start off as an occasional cigarette here and there, it can become a habit, that puts a severe dent in one’s pocket. There are three main reasons why individuals try to quit smoking: to improve their health and quality of life, to mitigate the risks caused by passive smoking to others, and of course, to save money.

Why is smoking expensive?

Smoking can become very costly, especially for chain smokers. Those who smoke a pack or two a day are well aware of how much money they spend on a daily basis trying to fulfill their nicotine addictions. The government significantly taxes cigarette packs to discourage individuals from purchasing them, and to reduce the risk and dangerous effects of smoking. The goal is to set the price at a level that is considered high enough to not be worth purchasing- especially for young adults. Nonetheless, each dollar spent on cigarettes is a dollar that an individual will never get back.

To break it down further, the effect of smoking can be deadly, and smoking cigarettes can cost an arm and a leg when one talks about how injurious it is to health. It is a well-known fact that smoking is not promoted in any country in the world. It brings unnecessary harm to the body, and can often cause numerous illnesses- some of which are fatal. 

These include cancer, heart disease, stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The treatment for such illnesses can be unbelievably high and sometimes, it is of no avail. Believe it or not, one effect of smoking is also dental issues, and we all know how much dentists charge…

What cost-effective alternative can be used?

Nicotine e cigarettes! If users are wondering how to quit smoking they definitely need to look into vaping. These devices do not have the same effect as smoking on individuals and can also prove to be more economical. There are numerous kinds of nicotine e cigarettes, some of which can be a much cheaper way for individuals to get the same nicotine rush. The two main categories of e cigarettes that we will look at will be:

Reusable vapes are nicotine e cigarettes that require a constant refill of vape liquid to keep generating puffs for users. They are often perceived to be more expensive than smoking, but that is because of the cost of the actual vape device. The cost of vape devices varies significantly depending on the brand and features of the device. 

However, what most users fail to realize is that the device is a one-time investment that is much more economical than smoking cigarettes. Yes, the price of purchasing a reusable nicotine e cigarette is a lot higher than simply buying a pack of cigarettes; however, the cost of the device is something that users do not have to pay for again (unless of course they break or ruin their device!). 

The main cost of vaping is the initial set-up expenditure; after users have their device, the only expenditure that will be incurred are the vape liquid bottles and the coil changes, which are significantly cheaper than buying a pack or two a day.

The one thing that smokers are often apprehensive about before making the switch is the initial set-up cost. They do not feel it’s worth investing a relatively large sum of money (as compared to a pack of cigarettes) into something that may not work for them. Well, this is where disposable vapes can play an excellent role. Disposable vapes are growing in demand and popularity, but why? Disposable vapes are nicotine e cigarettes that are usually used by individuals who are new to vaping or then those who are switching to this form of vaping due to the convenience it offers. 

A disposable vape is not meant for long-term use as it is discarded after the vape liquid inside has been used up. These vapes are incredibly cost-effective in the short run.

Switching to smoking can be a challenge, and not everyone is willing to make this change. Disposable vapes are a cost-effective way to get a glimpse of the world of nicotine e cigarettes and UNO provides a wide range of disposable vapes that users can choose from. They are very affordable and help test the waters before individuals are ready for the long-term commitment of investing in reusable vapes!

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