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The Best Vape and CBD Store in Fort Worth… And Maybe Even All of Dallas!

Tired of searching “CBD Dallas” or “vape shop Fort Worth”, checking out a few stores, and feeling disappointed? At Artisan Vapor & CBD Eastchase, we never disappoint. We aim to please with our friendly crewmembers, our cultivated vapor and CBD product selection, and our competitive prices.

Without a doubt, our vape and CBD store’s the best, and we’re going to prove it to you with five simple facts.

1. We Have the Best Customer Service

When we say we have great customer service, we mean it. Our number one job is to make sure you, the customer, feel seen and helped. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed! We’ve got tons of five-star  reviews from our happy customers! 

Sydney Howard visited our store and said: 

This place is so different from any other vape shop I’ve been to! I had a great experience all the way around and the employees are stupendous and super friendly! Joshua is who helped me out and he was very helpful and personable. Definitely will recommend anyone to come here!

Taking care of our customers is of the utmost priority. Even when we get the littlest thing wrong, we take it personally and do everything in our power to make it right. 

For example, Damion P shared the following about his experience: 

“When I returned home I went to dispose of [an] old bottle and I realized something I should have sooner. The bottle that I vaped was supposed to be 6mg [but] instead I received a bottle with 3mg. So I contacted the store and spoke to the manager Brendan. I explained the situation. Instead of saying it’s not his problem like most other shops would have he did the last thing I expected. He gave my a credit for an entire new package. That’s a $31 value. And for that reason I will continue to visit this shop. It is refreshing to see a shop and its employees put their patrons first before their pockets.”

2. Our Quality is Unmatched

Every single thing we sell is hand-picked. Really. We take quality seriously, and maintain that great quality leads to great satisfaction. That’s why none of our CBD products are GMOs, they’re all 100% hemp-based, and they’re all third-party tested.

Our supply of vapor and CBD products has been so incomparable to other stores in Fort Worth that we’ve actually experienced a lot of demand for more stores! We’re now at 70+ locations (though ours is obviously still the best).

3. We Have a Massive Selection of Vape and CBD Products

We’ve got it all, y’all. You’ll never walk into our vape shop and wonder what we have because we’ve got everything! 

From vapor to CBD, we pride ourselves on carrying both variety in flavor and in type. We have tons of flavored vapors, including CBD vapor, in addition to the CBD oils, edibles, capsules, lotions, and more that we have in stock.

Beyond that, we even have issue-specific CBD. We’ve got just what you need for anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, and more!

4. We’ve Got the Best Prices

Most places sacrifice good quality for cheap prices, or upcharge them to make a bigger profit. We do our best to keep quality up and prices down, because that’s how it should be!

We only work with companies we’ve befriended and love because we know that great relationships keep costs down. That’s why we have the highest quality and the best prices in all of Fort Worth!

Wilson Jackson puts it beautifully: 

Chris is the best for buying a new vape. He will fulfill your needs, and sells the best in quality device for great prices.

5. Our Environment is Super Relaxing

We know that when you’re looking for a product, the time spent in the store itself is half the experience. Some vape shops don’t care about their appearance, or the vibe they’re giving off. But we at Artisan Vapor & CBD East Chase do! 

We do all we can to keep our space clean, calm, and comfortable to ensure the best possible experience. 

But don’t just trust us, we’ll let our customers help explain it: 

“The vibe is sleek and sort of reminded me of a spa waiting room (woody, relaxing)” – Kara S. 

Jason M. wrote this about his experience:

 “Honestly, I thought I was walking into a convenience store that happened to sell e-cigarettes. Turns out I walked into a subculture. It’s a bar of sorts, but no alcohol is served. It’s a cigar lounge, but no smoke or old grumpy men to be found. It features high-tech devices, but you can’t buy a smartphone here. Just some folks happily puffing away at their vaporizers, no longer slaves to big tobacco.”

Still unsure? Come check it out for yourself! Visiting our Fort Worth location is worth taking the chance. 


Artisan Vapor & CBD Eastchase is the best vape shop in Fort Worth. Maybe even in all of Dallas. At this point, it’s just a fact. 

So join the club! Come enjoy the friendliest, chillest vape shop in town. We’ll help you navigate our large selection to help you find exactly what you need. 

We look forward to seeing you and helping with all your vape and CBD needs in our Fort Worth location today

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1550 Eastchase Pkwy Suite #900, Fort Worth, TX
76120, Fort Worth, Texas, US

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