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A Must Try Flavors for UNO Vape

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Want to try a perfect blend of taste and vapours? You need UNO disposable vapes in your hand!

As a leading name in the world of disposable vapes, UNO Vape is all about delivering excitement and innovation to passionate vapers. But what truly sets UNO disposables apart? Brace yourself for a tantalizing array of flavors that promise to ignite your taste buds and set your senses on a flavorful journey.

Having personally embraced the extraordinary realm of UNO disposable vapes, I can’t help but recommend you take the plunge into the realm of Vape UNO’s wildest and most exhilarating flavors. It’s a taste sensation you won’t want to miss!

Exciting Flavors of UNO Disposables

Are you looking out for some exciting vape flavours? Today I will tell you about UNO disposables and their must-try tastes. Just read below and find out your most wanted UNO Vape flavors…


UNO MAS vape is a go-to disposable vape kit with a 650mah powered battery for all-day vaping. There is a 4ml pre-filled e-liquid for providing 1200 puffs.

I have tried all of the flavors of UNO MAS, and some of the most exciting flavors are;





Banana Yogurt


This flavor is a blend of sweet and fruity bananas and a Greek Yogurt taste.


Blue Razz Slushie

Do you need an awakening vape flavor? Blue Razz Slushie is a mixture of blueberries, raspberries, and some cool icy touch.


Blueberry Lemon Ice

Try out the best vape juice combo of sweet and sour. In this flavour, you will taste blueberries blended with some tart lemon and the cooling effect of ice.



This flavor makes you feel that you have bubblegum in your vape juice. Taste of fruits along with bubblegum sweetness.



The best UNO disposable vape – Uno Charge featuring 5000 puff count.

This disposable contains 13ml juice along with a 650mah rechargeable battery. Some craziest flavors of UNO CHARGE are mentioned below;




Kiwi Passion Fruit


This flavor is a blend of juicy kiwis and the mouth-watering taste of passion fruit.


Energy Ice

Want to get some energy boost? In this vape juice, you will taste a flavor similar to cough syrup. In short, it is a tangy sweet and sour flavour.


Cherry Cola


Excite your vaping session with a perfect combo of cherries with a cola soda taste.


Mad Blue

Mad Blue is an exciting flavor. This is the juiciest blend of sweet berries, including blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.



UNO ECLIPSE is one of the best disposable vapes I have ever used!

This disposable kit features 7ml vape juice and an 1100mah battery that will allow you to enjoy vaping for a whole day. Moreover, you can enjoy the tangiest vape juices and a 2500 puff count. 

Must try disposable vape flavors of UNO ECLIPSE are as under;




Strawberry Yogurt

The sweet taste of strawberries and the satisfying blend of Greek Yogurt is what you need for vaping!


Summer Sip

Summer Sip is made to beat the hotness of summer. You can enjoy the taste of berries and a punch of lemon to increase your excitement.


Jolly Candy

If the crunchiest taste of candies makes you happy, Jolly Candy vape juice is a must-try.



Jolly Apple

The crispy apple taste can make your vaping session more satisfying. Jolly Apple is a complete apple-flavored vape juice.



UNO 4K is another great disposable kit by UNO. You can call UNO 4K an advanced version of UNO MAS. It contains a massive battery of 1200mah along with 8ml e-liquid.

You can enjoy 4000 puffs with this disposable and some must-try vape flavors mentioned below.




Blue Raspberry Sour

This flavor is a combo of sweet and sour. You will taste sweet blueberries and raspberries along with some tart lemon touch.


Blueberry pomegranate

Want to try something unique in your vape? This flavor is made with the taste of pomegranate and the juiciest blueberry flavour.



Cherrylicious is a deeply flavorsome cherry vape made with a combo of cherries with other summer fruits.


Energy Ice

Want to get an energy boost? This flavor will make you feel energetic; with the taste of cough syrup sweetness and sourness, you will get an energy-loaded punch.



Providing an unbelievable 6000 puffs count, UNO MAGNUM is too great to be true! Apart from that, this disposable kit has an extraordinary battery capacity that is 1900mah. The e-liquid capacity is 11ml so you can enjoy your vape for longer. Some great flavors of UNO MAGNUM are as under;




Blueberry Lemon Ice

Taste the sour lemon flavor and the cooling ice effect and enjoy sweet blueberries to make your vaping session more exciting.


Jungle Juice

Jungle juice contains the flavor of pina-colada along with a blend of juicy pineapples.



Keylime Pie

On inhaling, you taste the rich, creamy pie taste along with the taste of tangy lime that will boost your vaping experience. 


Strawberry Ice Cream


Try out the taste of sweet strawberries along with creamy and cooling ice cream flavor.



Discover the vaping revolution with UNO MAS X, the ultimate in convenience and endurance. Enjoy up to 10,000 puffs from its pre-charged 650mAh battery, all packed into a stylish and compact 22ml design. Elevate your vaping experience with unmatched style and long-lasting performance.

Some of the UNO MAS X best flavors are;





Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate


Taste the sweet and juicy strawberries blended with kiwis and added with an extra flavor of pomegranate.


Watermelon Berry



This flavor is a mixture of the cooling effect of watermelon and some sweet berries to make this flavor the best of all!



Grapeberry Bubble Gum


Make your vaping session sweet with the bubble gum taste blended with grapeberry flavor to boost your vaping experience. 


Watermelon Bubble Gum  


Watermelon Bubble Gum is a delightful vape flavor that combines the refreshing taste of juicy watermelon with the nostalgic sweetness of bubble gum.


Buy Your Favorite Vape UNO Flavors:

Indulge in flavors heaven with UNO disposable vapes and find a perfect flavor match for yourself. You can share your experience with UNO exciting flavors in the comment section.

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