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The art of vaping – 4 things to never do

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Yes, no one expects to relate vaping to art, but it is indeed a magnificent act that needs to be carried out in a way that provides users with the best experience. For a lot of users, making the most of their disposable vape device can be overwhelming and frustrating. Although there is no manual on how to vape, it is crucial to be aware of the basics of vaping to eliminate any chances of having a bad experience.

How do they work?

These are some of the common mistakes that users make, especially beginners who are learning how to vape:

  1. Compromising on quality
  2. Vaping incorrectly
  3. Not staying hydrated
  4. Starting with the wrong devices

Compromising on quality

The price of a product is possibly the most important factor for most consumers. However, a common mistake made by users is valuing price over quality. Purchasing a poor-quality vape device can be a terrible mistake to make and one that every vape user should avoid at all costs. The performance of the vape device depends greatly on the quality of the device, including the battery, coil, and tank used. If the quality of even one of these components is compromised, it can result in the device delivering poor performance.

In addition to ruining the experience of vaping, compromising on quality can be injurious to health as there is a high chance of users inhaling inferior quality nicotine into their lungs. That is why users should never cut corners to try and save money on their vapes. We at UNO are all about providing users with products that give a great value for money, but the quality is something that we can never imagine compromising on!

Vaping incorrectly

The way to vape isn’t anything complex, in fact, the more one thinks about it, the more complicated it can get. It often takes new vape users a while to get used to taking vape puffs correctly. While smoking cigarettes, individuals can take puffs any way they like as there is no way to damage the cigarette; however, vaping is a bit different.

To make the most out of a device, users should take in long, soft vape puffs and then exhale. One of the worst ways to use a vape device is to chain vape, i.e. take hit after hit without exhaling. This can cause the coil to overheat and burn, resulting in a burnt flavor every time the device is hit. Using vape devices properly can make vaping experiences sensational and every vape puff as good as the last.

Not staying hydrated

Though it may not be so well-understood, vaping is known to cause water loss from the body as vapor is released from the body after each exhale. With vaping becoming more and more effortless, users often forget that they must drink water while vaping to prevent dehydration, which can then result in headaches and fatigue. Thus, to avoid such issues, users should ensure that they are sipping water throughout the day, especially before and after vaping sessions.

Starting with the wrong devices

With hundreds of vape flavors in the market, picking a single flavor can be very tough. Users are often carried away by the vapes that have fancy packaging and unique names, not realizing that they may not like the flavor. As a result, users may stop using this device and switch to another one. That is why it is always best to experiment with vape flavors on devices that have fewer puffs, so that users can have the opportunity to test out all the flavors that interest them, and then purchase a device with greater puffs in the flavor they liked best.

It is not a smart idea to get advanced too quickly if someone is new to vaping. A user can never be too sure about liking a flavor, that is why at UNO we have many exciting vape flavors in disposable vapes that have fewer puffs and those same flavors in devices that have greater puffs. It is always best for users to start from a smaller vape device such as UNO MAS or UNO ECLIPSE and then move on to a larger one such as UNO CHARGE or UNO MAGNUM when they are sure of which direction to head in.

Stay away from these common mistakes to master how to vape, and make the most out of each vape puff!

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