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What are the Most Popular Vape Tricks? A Guide for Beginners

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The vaping industry is now booming more than ever. Vaping devices were originally only used to help quit smoking cigarettes; however, now vaping is seen as a trend that everyone is trying to be a part of!

With so many vape users, individuals are looking for ways to stand out, and impressing people with cool vape tricks is one fantastic way of doing so. It is fairly common to see vape users exhaling their vapor in cool rings and shapes, and shockingly, it isn’t as hard as it may seem. In this blog we will share some basic vape tricks that users can attempt even if they are new to vaping. Continue reading to learn the simplest ways to amaze people with the best vape tricks!

What are the coolest vape tricks? Innovation never seems to stop, and with hundreds of vape tricks out there, we have picked out four of our favorites that are easy for beginners, and that are guaranteed to leave people in awe.
  • Smoke rings
  • Ghost inhale
  • French inhale
  • The dragon

Smoke rings

This is probably the most common vape trick that users see as the fundamental trick to master before moving on to more advanced ones. Here are the simple steps to get the most perfect rings vape rings:

Step 1: Users should take a big hit from a vape and ensure that their lips are closed and that the vapor stays in the mouth and is not inhaled. 

Step 2: Users must keep their tongue at the bottom of their mouth while continuing to keep their mouth closed.

Step 3: Next, they must make an O shape with their lips and push out the vapor from their throat- almost like a mini cough (we swear it’s easier when it’s actually done!).

Step 4: Sit and enjoy spectacular smoke rings!

Ghost inhale

To be a true vaper, users must know how to ghost inhale. Ghost inhaling, just like blowing smoke rings, is a great and simple trick for beginners. 

Step 1: Users must take a long pull from their vape and keep the vapor in their mouth.

Step 2: They must then release a ball of vapor, ensuring to not push the vapor out.

Step 3: Finally, they must immediately inhale all the vapor back into their mouth, and they will see a ghost of vapor as they do this. 

Yes, it is that simple to learn how to ghost inhale!

French inhale

Another favorite, the French inhale is often referred to as the Irish waterfall, and in this vape trick, the vapor leaves the mouth and is then inhaled through the nostrils.

Step 1: Users should take a large hit from their vape devices and keep the vapor in their mouth without inhaling the vapor.

Step 2: Once the vapor is in their mouth they must position their tongue at the back of their mouth and slowly open their mouth.

Step 3: They must then push their lower jaw and allow the vapor to come out of their mouth naturally, ensuring that they are not exhaling or pushing the vapor out.

Step 4: While doing this, they must simultaneously inhale the vapor in through their nose to create a super cool effect.

The dragon

This is one of the funkiest looking vape tricks on our list, and if users manage to execute it properly, they will be looking like dragons blowing out fire from their mouths and nostrils! 

Step 1: Users must take a long pull from their vape and keep the vapor in their mouth.

Step 2: They must then use their tongue to create a divide in the middle of their mouth. 

Step 3: Finally, to create the mind-blowing effect, users must forcefully exhale through their nostrils and both sides of their mouth- creating four incredible streams of vapor!

These four vape tricks are definitely going to impress vape users and those around them. They can be used to add a bit of excitement to vape sessions, and though some of them are easier to execute than others, with a little practice, they are all tricks that users can master in no time!

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