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What is mesh coil technology in disposable vape devices?

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It comes as no surprise that the vaping world is booming. With countless individuals becoming vape users every day, the industry is bound to come up with new features and technological advancements. Disposable vapes are by far the most popular category in the vape industry and with so many products on the market, it is difficult to stand out without having an element of differentiation. 

The high puff count mentioned on the vape box is no longer enough to grab the attention of vape users as they are looking for ways to enhance their vaping experiences. The use of mesh coils in a disposable vape encourages users to switch to these advanced devices as they are a lot more effective in giving users a more enjoyable experience.

Mesh coil technology in disposable vapes is a recent, and much-needed phenomenon. This is not to say that mesh coils are a new invention. These coils have been used for years in larger vape devices for cloud vaping. Seeing the satisfaction that users received from these coils in larger devices made producers incorporate them into smaller and low-wattage vaping devices- hence them being used in disposable vapes.

But, what exactly are mesh coils, and are they worth ditching go-to brands of disposable vapes that do not use mesh coil technology? YES!

What is mesh coil technology?

To understand mesh coil technology, it is crucial to take a look at the traditional coils that were used before this advanced coil came into existence. The element that caused the e-liquid to vaporize in a traditional vape coil was a heating wire that was spirally wrapped. This wire was actually a coil, hence the term “atomizer coil” that it was referred to. 

Unlike the traditional coils, mesh coils do not use any kind of wires. Instead, the coil uses a mesh strip for smooth airflow and greater cloud production. The use of a mesh strip instead of a wire is the main difference between mesh coils and traditional coils; however, this difference has a significant positive impact on a user’s vaping experience.

This coil is prized for its ability to please vape users in many ways. The mesh coil has a much larger surface area as compared to traditional coils, which is the most important factor in determining the volume of vapor, or in other words, the size of the vape clouds produced. For many vape users, the large amount of cloud production is what draws them in (yes, the pun was intended).

Another benefit of the mesh coil technology is that the large surface area is flat- offering better wick-to-wire contact, and evenly distributed heating. This was not the case with traditional coils as they did not have a flat surface. This would often result in inconsistent heating from the middle-outward, therefore burning the cotton wick and ruining the quality of flavor provided by the vape device. 

The distributed heating in the mesh coil means that the cotton wick is unlikely to burn- giving a much higher flavor quality and ensuring that users do not have to worry about tasting any burnt flavor in their mouth. Other than the flavor, the burning of coils is toxic for health and also costly as the device often can no longer be used. To avoid all these problems, the vaping world gives users the opportunity to invest in advanced vapes that use mesh coil technology for a better vaping experience.

What are the best mesh coil disposable vapes?

Seeing the success of mesh coils in disposable vapes has caused several companies to switch from traditional coils to mesh coils. UNO provides vaping experiences like no other with their top-notch mesh coil technology. UNO takes pride in the vapes they provide to users, which is why we produce vapes using the most advanced technologies. Each category of vapes is made using mesh coils, including UNO MAS (1200 puffs), UNO ECLIPSE (2500 puffs), UNO 4K (4000 puffs), UNO CHARGE (5000 puffs), and UNO MAGNUM (6000 puffs). Thus, users can pick their favorite flavor and puff preference in any UNO vape device, without having to worry about not being able to enjoy the incredible experience provided by mesh coil technology.

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